(Really ... Too Many To List...Here's A Few...)

Super Chevy - 13 Class Awards

Super Chevy - 3 Gold Cup Awards

GoodGuys - 7 Major Awards

Lots of Awards - Local Car Shows

** Selected and Honored by GM **

1955 Chevrolet Sport Coupe Restored by Ramsey's Rods Displayed in GM Headquarters, Detroit, MI

for 50th Year Celebration

World Auction Prices on Vehicles Built By Ramsey's Rods

Recognition of Quality of Company's Build Work Mentioned During Several Major Classic Car Auctions by Announcers


  • Rockin' Down the Highway3:19
  • Midnight Rider2:58
  • Born to Be Wild3:38
  • On the Road Again3:20
  • Hey Little Cobra1:59
  • How Great Thou Art3:02
  • Beyond The Sea2:56
  • Chelsea Morning2:31
  • Under My Wheels2:47
  • He's A Rebel2:25
  • Hot Rod Lincoln2:43
  • Radar Love5:03

The Ramsey's Story...



Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Texas Masonic Retirement Center

Azle Lions Club - Christmas Angels


American Armed Services and First Responders

American Heart Association

Azle Animal Shelter

Hurst Animal Services

Private NO-KILL Animal Rescues in Tarrant and Parker Counties

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Westlake Historical Preservation Society


​​Stephen and Denise Ramsey had a dream back in 1991 when they married and while working together on their own classic vehicles, going to car shows, winning awards and just really enjoying the camaraderie of fellow classic car owners...they decided there needed to be a change in their choices on where and who worked on their vehicles...so the storyline goes...

They suffered the same dilemma of many classic vehicle owners who were also getting their vehicles worked on by "so-called restoration shops or guys in their garages". They had the same problems with these individuals making promises, taking their deposits and either ended up with shoddy workmanship or a job never completed.

So they stopped using "other shops and other guy's garages" and found a larger space than their 6-car home garage in an airplane hangar at Hicks Private Airfield. They hired out a couple of highly qualified techs and began to work on their own classic vehicles under their direction and supervision.

As word got out about their new venture, individuals started approaching them to work on their vehicles, and they wouldn't stop bugging them about it, either.

Then along came the official newly named "Ramsey's Rods and Restoration" company and another new venture "Stated Value Automobile Appraisal Co., Inc." These two new ventures turned into full-time work for the both of them. They started a fully serviced restoration shop and, they also began to work with insurance companies, banks, credit unions, individuals, etc. who needed insurance auto claim assistance and/or loan values for any year, make and model of motorized vehicles (ex. cars, trucks, motorcycles, classic vehicles, RV, motor homes, large trucks, trailers, etc.) 

They also obtained their Insurance Adjusters' licenses and have held this credential for 27 years. In the State of Texas, if you have an Insurance Adjuster's License you are considered a "certified vehicle appraiser." There is no other government agency in Texas that certifies vehicle appraisers at this time.

To meet all the facets of their two new ventures, in 1999 at Hicks Private Airfield, they purchased 3 parcels of land and built two hangars that would accommodate both companies' offices, restoration shop area, appraisal area, extra floor space and a parking lot.

To date, both of them are internationally known for their expertise in classic vehicle restoration work and their vehicle appraisal work for Actual Cash Values, Diminished Values, Insurance Values, Stated Values, Presumptive Values for the TX DMV, Market Range Values, Asset Evaluations, Donation of Vehicles, IRS Donation Appraisals and Forms, etc.

Final Notes:  As for Stephen Ramsey, his knowledge of classic cars began when he was hanging out in his grandfather's garage as a young kid working on "old cars" and continued as his father and he restored "old cars" together. It became a hobby of joy for many years and being around classic cars continues to make him very happy even to this day!  

As  for Denise Ramsey, she pursued her first career in Elementary Education, received her Masters Degree and became a Principal at Cannon Elementary in the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. However, being born in Detroit, MI, she did find her first love for muscle cars as a young girl in high school driving up and down Lake Shore Drive, Jefferson Avenue and Gratiot Avenue in the wonderful street cars of the '70's. She always found time to spend the weekend nights at the Big Boy Drive-In with her many friends and their fast cars.

Our Passion is Our Customers' Satisfaction 

We put our quality of work, our expertise and our customers on the same high level. Each job in the shop is performed as economically as possible without comprising the integrity of the vehicle or the quality of our workmanship.

We want our customers to say that we did what we said, on time and their money was spent wisely and fairly.

"I love the looks, the designs, the power and the sheer fun of driving a beautiful piece of art because that's what they are."

- Stephen Ramsey (Owner)



​​Past President Moslah Model A Club of Fort Worth, TX  (1980)

Master Mason
(50 yrs)

Chapter Council and Commandery
(50 yrs)

York Rite and Scottish Rite
(50 yrs)

32nd Degree
(50 yrs)

Masonic Blue Lodge(50 yrs)

Moslah Shrin
 (50 yrs)

Knights Templar (50 yrs)

Texas State Licensed Property and Casualty Adjuster (27 yrs)

Internationally Recognized Classic Vehicle Restorer

Endorsed by Mecum Auction and Leake Auction on National TV